John Harris Sheridan

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John Harris Sheridan recently released his second book, “It Started with the Nickelodeon’ which relates the beginning of the Motion Picture Theatre industry and the family that brought you Sports, Teams & Ice Capades.

Starting with John’s grandfather, John P. Harris, this book recounts the little known history of the motion picture industry that began with a Harris, Buffalo Bill’s Rodeo and Annie Oakley through the birth of the Nickelodeon and beyond. It all ‘Started with The Nickelodeon.’

It was called Nickelodeon because it cost a nickel to get in and 'Odeon'  is the Greek word for 'theater' . . . it was the 'nickel theater, the Nickelodeon. My grandfather, John P. Harris produced Vaudeville and ran theaters and was also a producer of two motion pictures more than 100 years ago. The Life of Buffalo Bill was one of them.

The movie, 'The Life of Buffalo Bill' stars William Frederick Cody, the REAL 'Buffalo Bill' and for a limited time you may reserve your copy of this amazing  piece of history to be one of the first to receive it when it is released to the public.

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