John Harris Sheridan

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Many people know about Howard Hughes, America's first billionaire. He was an aviation engineer, an Oscar-winning motion picture producer and director, and a hotel and casino owner in Las Vegas and Reno, with seven establishment.

He built the biggest airplane in the world at the time —known as the Spruce Goose —and the Glormar Explorer supership for

the CIA.

Fewer people, however, know of the Howard Hughes of the

neon world of Las Vegas in the 1960's. Reclusive and a eccentric, Hughes spent his later years surrounded by Mormon aides who insulated him from outsiders.

This Collection of biographical anecdotes includes stories of the power players of the time – celebrities, famous actresses, and the Las Vegas Mafia – as well as of Hughes bevy of less well-known ladies.

Told by an insider who knew Hughes in that era, the stories reveal new aspects of an American icon, set against the background of 'Sin City' – the town he loved so much.